Starfish Counselling

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Cath Parfitt



Sometimes life isn’t easy and you can be left feeling as if you are alone in your struggles.

However, you do not have to be alone. Counselling is a way of sharing your issues and working through them in a safe and confidential environment. It can help you to develop your self-awareness and reveal insights and solutions that are unique and empowering for you.


As a Humanistic counsellor, I work with adults, children and young people on a range of personal challenges and worries. Key areas of expertise include relationships, step-families, divorce, sexuality, redundancy, loss, stress and depression.
My Commitment
You can trust that your information on personal matters will be handled with sensitivity, professionalism and integrity. I will work with you to help you bring about effective change in your life so that you can enjoy improved well-being and fulfilment.
To learn what counselling can do for you or to book your first session please call me on 07837 810661 or email We can also talk on Skype if that suits your lifestyle and needs.
I am based in Shipley View, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, and there is ample parking. Access is easy with no stairs.
My early counselling training was in the person-centred approach. I then completed a Masters in Counselling at Nottingham University that was a Humanistic-orientated course. I am influenced by Gestalt methods and also practice play therapy with younger children.
I am a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). This gives you the assurance that I conform to their monitoring standards and offer an ethical and professional service.

Why Starfish Counselling?

The starfish is a robust creature synonymous with growth and regeneration. If it loses or injures a tentacle, it is able to regrow a whole new one. I believe counselling enables a person to experience growth.